Hello! Glad you’re here.

If you are looking for a dog trainer in or around Erlangen, you might just be in the right spot. I am located in Spardorf, so I’m not far out.

But be prepared, I will mostly work with you, not just with your dog, so you might want to call me a DOC = dog owner coach. I will try to teach you to understand your dog and help you make your dog understand you.

Communication is key!

But as we know, the dogs usually do not need any teaching, they already speak dog. And that’s want we want to achieve. Get you to understand and “speak” dog.

No matter if in a private session or a social walk together with likeminded dog owners, we will use positive methods and fun to make you and your dog a team, that understands each other without a lot of words 😉

If you are looking for this kind of support for you and your dog, then I bet, you LOVE your dog. Then we will TRAIN together, so you can ENJOY your dog whenever and wherever you are.

Find out more about me here. Don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. I offer training sessions in English and German, even bilingual if required.

Hope to see you soon – maybe you can find a suitable event here.

Udo and his furry crew

Good to know: I have the permission according to §11 Nr. 1 Satz 8f TierSchG.