About me

I have been active in dog rescue with my wife since 2006, serving as a foster home for various German animal welfare organizations. We place great importance on clean and transparent animal welfare. We take a lot of time for the dogs and people to find the best possible solution for everyone.

In addition to our four own dogs, we usually have five foster dogs in our family until we find suitable homes for them. This can sometimes happen very quickly (a few days), and sometimes it takes time until the right person finds “their” dog (2 1/2 years).

This has given me the opportunity to constantly get to know new dogs, grow with them, develop further with them, and, above all, learn a lot from them. Since the beginning of our foster home existence, we have shared our lives, our house, and our time with over 320 dogs (as of May 2024).

I have had the rare but fantastic opportunity to get to know many different dogs. Whether it’s breed, age, character, temperament, or size, we’ve seen almost everything. With each new dog, I can learn more, observe the interaction between the dogs, and with each additional dog, my wealth of experience grows, and I grow a little bit too.

In 2023, motivated by my friend and colleague Oliver Ludwig, I delved deeper into dog training. As his oldest intern, I learned about the many facets of dog-human relationships from his perspective as a trainer. I was able to participate and prepare for the dog trainer exam according to §11 No. 1 Sentence 8f of the Animal Welfare Act (TierSchG) at the Vet Office Erlangen-Höchstadt, which I successfully passed in September 2023. I am now officially allowed to share my wealth of experience with all dog owners.

That warants a huge THANK YOU, Oli!

For questions about rescue dogs and queries like “What suits me? What do I need to consider? How does it work?”, you can directly contact my wife Gudrun, who is the head of foster care for Tierhilfe Lebenswert e.V. in the Erlangen/Nuremberg area.

Animal Welfare

We are currently fostering dogs for the following organizations: